Kraljic matrix and Kraljic diagram in Excel


here we would like to present a solution in Excel that implements a Kraljic matrix and builds a Kraljic diagram. Profound information about Kraljic matrix can be found in wikipedia, but speaking generally it is a tool for the evaluation of strategic importance of some entities for the company. Usually, they are company’s suppliers.

The system actually represents a questionnaire by means of which strategic importance of car components is evaluated. It is semi-automatized, provides intuitive interface and allows easy answering the questionnaire questions.

The developed system was a part of a university project for the evaluation of the strategic importance of Alfa Romeo suppliers by means of a questionnaire applied to the components of a chosen car model. Since it was a one-time project, it was created within one night in order not to spend much time on the development phase but to concentrate on the implementation one. That is why the system is semi-automatized: it does not allow you to “easily” create the questionnaire which is its only problem. Therefore, the usability can still be improved.

The file Excel consists of 3 sheets: one containing component names, another containing the questionnaire with questions, answers, answer weights, and the last one the actual Kraljic matrix and the Kraljic diagram.

From the managerial point of view the biggest difficulty of the system is a good balance of the questionnaire. It is highly recommended to think thoroughly every single question, its answers and (which is of key importance) their weights (numeric values). It is also required that highly competent persons or better groups of persons answer the questionnaire that can contain questions related to both specific technical and marketing areas.

Below you can see a video presentation of the Kraljic matix in Excel:

You can freely download the solution from our web-site
which is actually located in the category OUR PROJECTS
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  1. Fantastic tool – great work.

    I have downloaded the example and would like to re-work it to fit my situation, but the problem is that I can not unhide the coloumns beyond AR in the “Rates” sheet.

    Any help on that would be highly appreciated.


  2. Dear author,

    I like your Excel file for support the Kraljic matrix very much, it is really very useful tool. Hovewer unfortunately there are some problems when changing the original data in Questions sheet to my customized situation, the final graph in Rates sheet shows then almost nothing, all the results in this graph are then somewhere in its bottom left corner. I cannot find out why. When trying to solve this problem by myself I have found that there is also a password required..
    Please, could you help me? I am a student, so I need it only for academic purposes.

    Thanks a lot

  3. Great work,
    I used your example to develop my kraljic matrix with the objective of situated the supplier on the matrix, if you want, i can send you my work

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  5. Tool looks good. unfortunately I am not able to open it.
    I will appreciate if sombody send me the fille as well.
    thanks and regards,

  6. Hi,

    I like your Excel file for support the Kraljic matrix very much, it is really very useful tool. Unfortunately I can’t download it, can everyone send this file to

    Will be really very helpful.

    Thank you

  7. Hi,

    I can’t seem to download the file Could you please send this through as well?


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