Techedge Time and Expenses report use instructions

Hi all,

here you can find a set of instructions on how to use the Time and Expenses Excel reports.

The Time Excel report can be found here:

The Expenses Excel report can be found here:

The basic instructions are:

  1. Keep filling in you data throughout the month; the input sheets are FillExpReport for Expenses report and FillTimeReport for Time report.
    1. Generate the calendar for the current month
    2. Add as many rows as you need per day (working on 3 projects – manually add 3 projects per that day)
    3. Input relevant information in the fields (avoid leaving blank fields in project types, number of hours etc.)
  2. Once the month is over (or you are asked to finish your online reports) you submit all the data from Excel to web.
    1. In Excel find the Techedge menu item
    2. Find Time report or Expenses report submenu where you can see 4 buttons
      1. Update list of project types
      2. Write data…
      3. Generate calendar
      4. Set up your location
    3. Set up your location (if used from the office, choose LOCAL, if used elsewhere, choose EXTERNAL)
    4. Update the list of project types (updates the list of project types in Settings worksheet)
    5. Write data… (submits all the data present on the worksheet to the web time report)
  3. Once submitted you can copy your month data in a relevant sheet among those present in the workbook (april, may, june…); this will help you maintain the story of your projects and activities.
  4. Once the year is finished, create a new copy of Excel file.

Try to follow this logic and you will not experience (hopefully) any problems. 🙂 Sometimes InternetExplorer fails to interpret HTML (gives error and makes the application stop) as expected but I tried to work around every risky place. 🙂

Every time you connect to the web you are asked to insert your login and password, the connection information is not locally stored.

The program will insert as many records per day as there are rows per that day. So, if you insert duplicate records you will end up with duplicate entries in your online report.

As for the time being there is no syncronization with web. This means that Excel does not “see” the data already present online. So, if you submit your report twice you will end up with double records per day.

For any question or information feel free to contact me. 🙂

Best wishes,

Valera 🙂

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