Can you hide the people you are following on Twitter?

Today I had this doubt: “Can you hide the people you are following on Twitter?”.

Why you should need this?

Today I noticed that a no-follower is reading my Tweets and my curiosity was stimulated. How can he do it? In Twitter settings there is no option for that.

The solution is really simple using lists, I don’t know if it is a Twitter bug or an “hidden” functionality:


  1. Follow the twitter account.
  2. Add to a new list. (e.g. named Hidden)
  3. Mark list as private.
  4. Unfollow the twitter account


That’s it! You will receive notification in Twiitter timeline, but no one knows that you’re following that account.



13 thoughts on “Can you hide the people you are following on Twitter?”

  1. If I unfollow an account, it doesn’t show updates in my timeline anymore. Is it really that way? Maybe you know something to help me? Thanks a lot!

  2. Does this still work? Am I still technically following them even after I “unfollow” them since they are on my list? So for example, If I follow someone, then add them to a private list, and then unfollow them, will I show up in THEIR followers on their profile?

  3. Is it possible to hide who you’re following on twitter? I know someone whose profile says following 22 butonly 21 are showing.

    Yes. In order to do that, you will need to create a list. Mark that list as private, and then add whoever you want to follow, and keep hidden, to that list.

    I created a private list as you mentioned above, but the ones marked private are still showing up in my other list too. I created a new account and can still see all the people I am following, even if they are in a private list. Is there something I’m not doing right?


  4. My problem is that the account that I want to add on the list is a private account. When I tried to unfollow the account since I added it to the list already, and I checked back the list, all is gone. So is that impossible?

  5. Worked a treat thank you.

    If you add the person to your private list but do not click follow then when you view your private list and select their name all their tweets will be shown.

    Handy for keeping private and public follows separate.

  6. Is it possible for someone to follow me but not show in my list of followers? I got an email that I have a new follower (someone I do not want) but when I clicked on my followers they are not there. When I go to their profile I am not listed among the people who they follow.

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