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Less than 3 weeks and SAP Inside Track Milan 2011 will be live.
This will be the first SCN Community event organized in my country and it will be a great opportunity to meet in person many SCN members.

Event in details

The response from Italian community goes over any expectation, we have already more than 70 members from 23 different companies, 4 SAP Mentors (yes I’m in :D) and a fully session schedule. Sessions are organized using the new DemoJam like formula as explained in this blog by  Sergio Ferrari; 17 sessions hosted by 14 speakers covering lot of different topics.

I want to underline that this will be an international event with people coming from 3 different countries (Italy, Germany and Spain).


Unfortunately we have a small female representative, but I’m sure that they will not make this difference visible. SCN women rocks :D. I want to mention in particular Patrizia Rossi from Rome that will be also speaker!


Great representation in the Custom development ABAP/Java and CRM area and many international speaker and in particular Tzanko Stefanov, author of the SAP Web Client “bible”.


My comment

I’m doing the countdown, I’m so excited I will meet again some outstanding SCN friends like  Gregor Wolf, Rui Nouguera and Andreas Profitlich and I will have also the possibility to meet in person great people like my new fellow SAP Mentor   Renald Wittwer, and some great SCN contributors: Max BianchiPatrizia Rossi, Alessandro Spadoni and Tzanko Stefanov.

Join us

If you are not registered yet and you would like to attend, join us on our SCN Community wiki page, we are also organizing to make this event live on internet using SAPConnect, Twitter (hashtag #sitmil), Flickr and Facebook.

Mark your agenda:

Friday night event

We are organizing a Friday night event, a bike tour of Milan starting from Piazza San Babila going through Piazza del Duomo, Castello Sforzesco and finishing in the “Movida Milanese” of the Navigli with some fresh beers.

Update your status on wiki page. For any information about this event contact me or Sergio Ferrari.

Others upcoming events

Visit SCN Community Events to know more about Community Organized Events.

See you There!

Kudos to  Sergio Ferrari who made this possible!

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