SAP Inside track ended and it was a great event. When I look back and I think on that day I can have only good memories: great people, interesting sessions, passion and enthusiasm to share and exchange experiences all together.


photo by Giacomo Morittu

As expected, such kind of events is a great opportunity for SAP professionals to meet together in an informal atmosphere; and also is a unique possibility for most of the participants to meet in person many of valuable SCN members and contributors, that usually are known virtually.

Friday night event

The event started a day before on Friday with an informal dinner with Gregor Wolf, Sergio Ferrari, Tsanko Stefanov and Rui Nogueira at VillaOttocento… Three hours around a table preparing the event while eating a lot of different plates. Energy for the #sitmil 😀


SAP Inside Track

Finally Saturday arrived, early wake up and ready to start. Quick stop and go at the designed pick up point to give a ride to some attendees: Andreas Profitlich, Luca Macagnino, Giacomo Morittu and Francesco Bersani (#sitmil is sustainabile #gogreen).

Arrived at SAP Italia offices we noticed that we were not alone, even it was early, many attendees were already at the event ready to partecipate.


photo by Gregor Wolf

Immediately I started with the set up: SAPConnect, wifi, plugs and agenda. Wifi… Oh nooo problem with the wifi connection; it was not working… Fortunately Sergio’s PC after some minutes was connected to the internet and we could start the SAPConnect meeting, but unfortunately me, Gregor and other speakers were fighting with our connection evenmore SCN portal was unreachable (we needed it for some demos). Ok we were lucky 😀 (ironical).


photo by Andrea Olivieri

Due this technical problems we had to reorganize the scheduling on the fly in order to avoid any interruption and Sergio did it very well, people didn’t noticed these problems and with some background job I finally made the wifi working and we used my PC as demo console.

16 sessions running every 6 minutes, it was impressive; people in the sala were very interested asking question, suggesting…

Thanks you all speakers you did a great job, you did the SAP Inside Track; but forgive me if I had to give a special award to Tsanko Stefanov, he was superb; 12 minutes of pure armony.


photo by Giacomo Morittu and Patrizia Rossi

Between a break and a session Rui Nogueira had the possibility to interview my great friend and colleague the ABAP Ninja Andrea Olivieri (if you don’t know him you have to follow on SCN blog and forum and also via Twitter @Andrea_Olivieri) about his Code Exchange project ABAPSloc.

It was time for lunch and after a “long” all you can eat session (believe me it was a great session 😀 ) we organized a Round Table where people could discuss of whatever topic they would like to… This was a great moment; me, Tsanko and Gregor had the possibility to interact with some of the people and discuss with them. It was incredible.

As Sergio Ferrari already wrote, 6 minutes formula was great; all the people appreciated this format: a lot of sessions, a lot of topics and a lot of innovation and then reserve the afternoon for deep networking.

All the sessions will be available ASAP for playback on event wiki home page.

Thanks to all the speakers and participants; see you soon at SAP Inside Track Milan 2012 or, why not, SAP Inside Track in…

Kudos to Sergio Ferrari who made this possible, Alessandro Nibioli SAP Italia for his support, Luca Grilli for his great support in the organization of the event and to all the international guys (in alphabetical order): Andreas Profitlich, Gregor WolfRui NogueiraTsanko Stefanov.

Check our Flickr group for more photos and have a look to our Twitter timeline.

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