Dear community, it was in the far July 2011 that I gave you updates on the abap2xlsx project with the reporting of my adventures at SAP Inside Track in Chicago (blog). In the last weeks, I had the idea to write a blog and few days ago a great present by SAP Mentor Gregor Wolf to the project (I will give you more detail below, keep reading) gave me the final sprint to be there on time for the New Year celebration.

Abap2xlsx is still the most popular project on Code Exchange with more than 3,500 downloads and close to 300 members. There is a great interest for this project, discussion board on Code Exchange is very hot, many people are asking and helping and many members are contributing (thanks you all) to improve this project adding new features and fixing some bugs ( yes, we had some 🙂 ).

Today I will pack the 6th release of the project including some interesting features (fixed issues list):

  • Reader functionality enhancement, now we read back styles and name ranges
  • Support to 16,384 columns for each sheet
  • 40 demos report available (including demos presented at TechEd Madrid 2011)

But many features were already available in release 5 (released on September 2011) that was not presented to the community yet (fixed issues list):

  • Macro enabled workbook support (see YouTube video and abap2xlsx F.A.Q.)
  • Dynamic conditional formatting Layout zooming
  • Workbook advanced properties

But the surprises are not finished yet

Angry Birds likes abap2xlsx 🙂

A new demo report gives you a funny ABAP coding to create an Angry Birds’s pig with Excel


WebClient UI Export to Spreadsheet with abap2xlsx

On Sep. 06, 2011 Gregor Wolf presented in his blog a kind of plugin in order to integrate abap2xlsx export using the WebClient UI framework. Check it out on SCN

abap2xlsx goes on cloud

Using the abap2gapps project now you can publish your Excel generated with abap2xlsx directly on Google Document. Check this easy how to on Code Exchange -> Create abap2xlsx documents directly in the Cloud.

Awesome 2012 Calendar using abap2xlsx

Gregor Wolf released just few days ago a report in order to generate automatically your 2012 calendar. Create your own calendar and share it with your friends, check out his calendar


The final present

We have a personal domain It’s your turn now, spread the world using this cool link :).

See you soon, we have not finished many features are ongoing; check it out at

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