Yesterday, Monday 6th February, from the University of Padova, Massimo Marchiori presented his new idea of search engine: Volunia.

The project started 3 years ago with the ambitious idea to be the new reference for the web search in the web 2.0 era. A great mistery was behind this project; in his first video Marchiori presented it without any clue on that, it seemed a TOP SECRET, he just said that Volunia will change our habits.

I registered on November 2011 for the beta preview, but no more info were shared, just a page with a dummy countdown; on December they notified that I would be a premium user and nothing else no confirmation email, no info box on the site. TOP SECRET 🙂

And here we are at the introduction, I will start with a breafly comment on the presentation itself.

The “international” event started with 40 minutes of delay, presenters were in delay – what? Are you serious? – and technical problems with the projector… Good start! Well, I said international event, worldwide streaming and what we get: presentation was only in Italian with no subtitles, the atmosphere seemed to be more a politic discussion rather than a revolutionary event in the new economy…

All the speakers were behind a table in a old style room, with no attitude to the cameras. Presented as an international streaming even what we get two video cameras that cannot support such kind of event, why not considering tools like adobe connect and webex next time? New technology using old channel… Here again: Good start (always ironical).

Bypassing all these considerations have a look to Volunia…

A long and boring introduction underlined the italian project: Italian idea, Italian development, Italian infrastructure and Italian investment – came on you supposed to be something new, and what we get: chickens… Users are compared to chickens in a cage and Volunia makes them free and flying…

Here it is Volunia: a search engine without any new algorithm (maybe it is using Google’s API), just a new Farmville layout for the site map (why considering site maps as the next frontier? I never used it) and a social toolbar…

Marchiori repeated that users now are chickens in a cage and Volunia will make them free… I’m not agree we will be always in the Volunia cage, that will monitor our privacy and trace our navigation.

Browsers are trying to minimize toolbars and what they did, they added a new ugly 50px toolbar on the top of the page, why Volunia should work? Many tools were created to add social to every site, even Google with sidewiki, without any success; Volunia is something that users will consider an external spy tool for their privacy.

If you want to see the streaming you can look at (presentation starts at minute 40)

They promised to give access to users yesterday, but right now I got any news from them. Please be coherent with what you are saying, you would be an international player.

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