Google’s April fools day jokes

This year Google did give us only a joke on April fools day, but every team tried to enjoy us, let’s try to resume them all:

Google Maps a 8-bit

Have you ever imagined Google Maps in 8 bit mode that can run also on one of the most popular home console Nintendo SNES? Google did it and made it available also on Google Maps service

Chrome Multitask Mode

Speed up your PC experience with Chrome Multitasking Mode and use two mouse insted of one

Gmail Tap

Do we need keyboard on our smartphone? Google introduces revolutionary GMail Tap

The same tecnology was also used by Google Labs Japan in order to enhance user experience with Japanese characters

Google Street Roo in Australia

In Google Australia will use cangaroo to map streets.


Youtube Collection

The complete Youtube collection OffLine on DVD (

Google Fiber Bar

Google solve also health problem, its new Google Fiber Team released a revolutionary product. Get it now on Google Fiber it’s fiberlicious!

Jargon-Bot for Google Apps

Introducing Jargon-Bot for Google Apps: translating business jargon into plain English (link)

Google voice for animals

Starting from today Google voice is available for Pet, subscribe yours for Beta on Google Voice

Click to teleport

Increase your business, Google AdWords released Click-to-teleport, no more CTRs, activate the service on Google AdWords

Google Racing

NASCAR is supporting Google’s new racing division based on autonomous vehicle technology. Learn more on

Google Really advanced search

Find what you want easily a rapiditly with Google Really Advanced Search

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