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  1. Hi, I thought the idea of the software very good.
    But it only show me the fields “new” empty.
    How to make it work?

    1. Hi,

      application checks on Apple Store if Apple has metadata for that song. It is possible that Apple does not provide MP3 tag througth API of some of your songs. In my case about 4000 song of 5000 matched songs are updated.


      1. Unfortunatelly it is still not working like it should. I am not able to pick only 2 or 3 tracks to update and leave the rest untouched.

        1. Have you deleted the song from iTunes and downloaded the AC3 version from Apple Store after the match?

          Could you please check your mp3 metadata and verify that “Kind” is “Matched AAC audio file” and “iCloud status” is “Matched”?


  2. Either I just don’t know how to use it, or it just won’t show me my library/playlists/anything. Only thing I can see is the Reload/Upload/Match button… What should I do?

    1. Have you matched and downloaded your music?
      iTunes (column “Kind”) should say “Matched ACC audio file”

  3. Hi there.. Thanks for the program. I have 11,000 songs that are downloaded and I only want to use this on small numbers at a time. All songs are checked by default and I don’t see any way to uncheck them all without unchecking 11,000 songs individually which would take hours. Any way to uncheck all songs so that I can only check the ones that I want?

    Thank you!

    1. Click on check-box header column it should select/deselect all (It works only in full screen)…
      I have some improvements on this because also for me is a mess with about 9K songs

  4. I’d love the ability to load just a single playlist instead of the entire library. I’ll have to have a poke on sourceforge and see how reasonable this is for a “quick” update 🙂

    1. Any progress or updates on the new version? I can’t make the current one work, but also definitely need a way of selecting large groups of songs at a time… Thanks!

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