Recently, I found a way for getting free iTunes gift card, I’ve already got 2 of mine 10$ iTunes Gift Cards.
Go check out FeaturePoints on iOS and Android and use my link to earn 50 bonus points. Get points for trying free apps, and redeem those points for awesome rewards including and iTunes gift cards, PayPal payments or even an iPad mini.
An other site is Free My Apps and the procedure is very simple:
  • Goto to from Safari on your device
  • Install the certificate as requested
  • Install the application available and play/open these for at least 30 secs (the first one takes a little longer I waited 1 min).
Doing this you’ll get points and one you reach the cap you can redeem your Gift Card 😛
Update: Another easy way to get free iTunes Gift card is using AppBounty, same concept, but you just need to download the free app.
Get 50 starting credit using this code jipmzvk.

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