Filevio – sharing big files over the web

Filevio email send image

If you ever experienced a problem of sharing huge files and did not know how to solve it, a new sharing service is just for you –

Filevio is a free file sharing service which allows you to upload a file of up to 2GB easily and without any registrations or payment.
This service is specifically designed for those who need no file management service but just a simple temporary protected file storage.

The files are stored for 5 days on the server.

Filevio’s name comes from a combination of the word FILE and inVIO (send in Italian).

Filevio start page image
Filevio start page

The process of sharing is straightforward:

  • you either drag-and-drop your file to the file field on the web site or
  • double click the field and conventionally select the file.
Filevio filedrop image
Filevio file drop

Upon submit the file Filevio will display the file access url which you can share with your colleagues, relatives, friends etc.

Filevio file upload image
Filevio file upload

After the file upload Filevio can also send an email notification to the address you specify.

Filevio email send image
Filevio email send

Make sure to specify the destination email before the file upload process finishes, otherwise Filevio will skip sending email.

To be more sure that the URL arrives to the destination person, you may want to send it manually by copy\pasting it in your custom email.

Hopefully, it will be of service to you. 🙂

Send your feedbacks directly on the email or create and vote for changes in the feedback form seen on the left of the screen.

Feelz – iPhone App by Locojet

Another iPhone application is published by Locojet – Feelz.

Feelz is a FACEBOOK based application which simplifies your “communication” with friends! No more writing, just tap our Feelz cat to transform your anger, love, sympathy, tenderness into cat’s reactions.

What can be sweeter than a purring cat appearing on the screen of your girlfriend? Flatter the cat and demonstrate to your FACEBOOK friends that you remember them.

Feel free to read more on our applications web site LocoJet:

And download the application from AppStore:

The app can only communicate with other Feelz app installed, so as for the time being it is impossible to send feelz to your friends who don’t have the app installed.

Feel free to send your suggestions, ideas and proposals on

Pet Detective – iPhone App

Hi guys,

we have published an application for iPhone – Pet Detective.

This is an application that helps pet owners find their lost pets. It is free and we encourage you to download it and form a community of pet finders. If you find some lost pet it costs you almost no effort to notify the potential pet owner about your finding. So, the more iPhone owners have Pet Detective app on their iPhone the more pets get found. Let’s help each other. 🙂

Feel free to read more on our application web site LocoJet:

And download the application from AppStore:

Read the description below:

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Activities report in Infopath (Update)

Hi guys,

I have updated the activities report and corrected a minor (or not such a minor) bug.

Previously the report used to submit numbers with dot as decimal separator. However, the web time report accepts comma as decimal separator. So, make sure you sent in previous uploads numbers decimals and not hundreds.

Ivan suggested that I added the functionality to fill in the selected rows with some same data. This is handy if you worked the whole month on just one project. Now, you do not have to fill in each single row of data with the same project name. You just select the rows, find the project combo box in the table under the rows section and choose the project. All the selected rows will obtain the value of the selected project.

To know more about the application and to download it  follow this link:

Feel free to contact me in case of troubles, difficulties or found bugs. 🙂

Activities report in Infopath


Activities report manager is an Infopath solution which automates the work with the Techedge web time report. It is dedicated to my colleagues who work in Techedge.

This project was experimental. I wanted to discover deeper the functionalities of Infopath and the opportunities for creating automation applications.

The project could have been published a couple of weeks earlier, however, in the phase of final testing I discovered that it posted data on the web time report disregarding the month’s state. This means that basically it could submit data to the web time report for any period of any year. So, it took me some time to implement additional conditions to make the submitting of data available only for the open months.

How this works

Check the presentation video to see it in action:

For working with the application you need Infopath 2007 and  .NET framework 2.0 installed. After the installation you will find an .XSN file which is an Infopath template. Based on it you can create new documents with your data (xml file).


If you liked the tool and wish to download it feel free to do it. We provide it free of charge. Use and enjoy!