Free iTunes, Amazon, Google Gift Card

Recently, I found a way for getting free iTunes gift card, I’ve already got 2 of mine 10$ iTunes Gift Cards.
Go check out FeaturePoints on iOS and Android and use my link to earn 50 bonus points. Get points for trying free apps, and redeem those points for awesome rewards including and iTunes gift cards, PayPal payments or even an iPad mini.
An other site is Free My Apps and the procedure is very simple:
  • Goto to from Safari on your device
  • Install the certificate as requested
  • Install the application available and play/open these for at least 30 secs (the first one takes a little longer I waited 1 min).
Doing this you’ll get points and one you reach the cap you can redeem your Gift Card 😛
Update: Another easy way to get free iTunes Gift card is using AppBounty, same concept, but you just need to download the free app.
Get 50 starting credit using this code jipmzvk.

Filevio – sharing big files over the web

Filevio email send image

If you ever experienced a problem of sharing huge files and did not know how to solve it, a new sharing service is just for you –

Filevio is a free file sharing service which allows you to upload a file of up to 2GB easily and without any registrations or payment.
This service is specifically designed for those who need no file management service but just a simple temporary protected file storage.

The files are stored for 5 days on the server.

Filevio’s name comes from a combination of the word FILE and inVIO (send in Italian).

Filevio start page image
Filevio start page

The process of sharing is straightforward:

  • you either drag-and-drop your file to the file field on the web site or
  • double click the field and conventionally select the file.
Filevio filedrop image
Filevio file drop

Upon submit the file Filevio will display the file access url which you can share with your colleagues, relatives, friends etc.

Filevio file upload image
Filevio file upload

After the file upload Filevio can also send an email notification to the address you specify.

Filevio email send image
Filevio email send

Make sure to specify the destination email before the file upload process finishes, otherwise Filevio will skip sending email.

To be more sure that the URL arrives to the destination person, you may want to send it manually by copy\pasting it in your custom email.

Hopefully, it will be of service to you. 🙂

Send your feedbacks directly on the email or create and vote for changes in the feedback form seen on the left of the screen.

Google’s April fools day jokes

This year Google did give us only a joke on April fools day, but every team tried to enjoy us, let’s try to resume them all:

Google Maps a 8-bit

Have you ever imagined Google Maps in 8 bit mode that can run also on one of the most popular home console Nintendo SNES? Google did it and made it available also on Google Maps service

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