Free iTunes, Amazon, Google Gift Card

Recently, I found a way for getting free iTunes gift card, I’ve already got 2 of mine 10$ iTunes Gift Cards. Go check out FeaturePoints on iOS and Android and use my link to earn 50 bonus points. Get points for trying free apps, and redeem those points for awesome rewards including and iTunes gift […]

Filevio – sharing big files over the web

If you ever experienced a problem of sharing huge files and did not know how to solve it, a new sharing service is just for you – Filevio is a free file sharing service which allows you to upload a file of up to 2GB easily and without any registrations or payment. This service is specifically […]

Google’s April fools day jokes

This year Google did give us only a joke on April fools day, but every team tried to enjoy us, let’s try to resume them all: Google Maps a 8-bit Have you ever imagined Google Maps in 8 bit mode that can run also on one of the most popular home console Nintendo SNES? Google did it […]

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