From Assembla to GITHub – Phase 2: Migrate issues, comments and milestone

In my previous blog From Assembla to GITHub – Phase 1: Migrate your SVN repository to GIT I explained how to migrate your SVN repository to GIT and commit it to GITHub. In this blog I will give some information on how to migrate Assembla issues into your GITHub repository, without losing any data. Prerequisite A PHP […]

From Assembla to GITHub – Phase 1: Migrate your SVN repository to GIT

I recently migrated my Assembla abap2xlsx to GITHub ( #abap2xlsx is relocating… Welcome to GITHub ) and I would like to share a quick “how to” just in case you want to migrate also your SVN repository to a GIT repository maintaining all the history. Prerequisite GIT installed on your machine, if you’re using GITHub you can […]

Being an SAP developer nowadays

Over the past few years we have experienced an innovation era in SAP. Mobile, Cloud and In-Memory are now the three foundations of enterprise computing and they are bringing a new life into the possibility to enrich and improve enterprise business. Most of the people are talking about this innovation as a great step forward […]

Virtualising Lion OS X and Xcode4 on Windows 7

This blog resumes my experience in virtualising Lion OS X and Xcode4 on Windows 7 64bit. I would say that I easily achieved this objective following with this guide. My concerns were basically on performance; I configured my virtual machine as 2 double core processors with 2 GB of RAM and I was happy about them […]

Volunia: a cage outside the cages

Yesterday, Monday 6th February, from the University of Padova, Massimo Marchiori presented his new idea of search engine: Volunia. The project started 3 years ago with the ambitious idea to be the new reference for the web search in the web 2.0 era. A great mistery was behind this project; in his first video Marchiori presented it without any clue […]

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