ABAP URL shortener

Nowadays, everyone knows URL shortener services and even you don’t know it you are using it. Twitter automatically translates every URL into a shorter URL, Google has is own service goo.gl and there are so many others… In my last project I had to configure NWBC and I faced a problem. Do you know that […]

abap2xlsx – Business charts

In July 2010, SAP Mentor Ivan Femia released the first version of the open source project abap2xlsx that allowed ABAP developers to generate professional spreadsheets from scratch with all the advanced features that stand alone Excel editors provide like: style and cell data formats, drawings support, conditional formatting, formulas, and so on. This project has […]

#InnoJam Madrid @ #SAPTechEd – Develop like never before

After the great victory last year, I’m so happy to have attended the SAP InnoJam event in Madrid also this year. Don’t you know what InnoJam is? I suggest you to have a look to the wiki page to get more detail, but basically it is a innovation game where people, coming from different countries, join in […]

abap2xlsx – half thousand of members and more…

In July 2010, I released the first version of the open source project abap2xlsx and it gets an incredible success from SDN members. Today I would like to celebrate the overcoming of 500 members in SAP Code Exchange, thanks to Amarpreet Singh for being the 500th. Time after time, more and more SDN community members joined into the project […]

Consume NetWeaver Gateway services via SAPUI5 – Part 3

This is the last part of my trilogy (YES, finally I have a trilogy like Batman, Star Wars and Marty McFly ). In part 1 and part 2 we saw how to consume Gateway services using SAPUI5 library, in this part I would like to focus on the advantage of using SAPUI5 combined with external javascript libraries. We created an […]

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