CBI (Customer to Business Interaction) Excel data export

Hi guys, Recently we had an opportunity to develop an Excel add-in to carry out custom export of data regarding the employees salary payments into a CBI (Customer to Business Interaction) format. This is a standard for the text flat file data formatting implemented by banks for batch data loading. More information could be found […]

NEW data export from Excel

Hi, today we would like to present you our new small and handy solution in which we provided a functionality to export Excel data into a fixed column width file format. This means that all your data columns in the file will have a fixed length. This is an Excel add-in which can become usefull […]

Slide progress bar

Power Point slide progress bar Hi, today we would like to present you an old solution – a Power Point add-in for building slide progress bars automatically. Very often working with PowerPoint presentations we face the necessity to put a horizontal static line on each slide to separate the title from the slide content. From […]

Arrow charts in Excel

Hi, Today we would like to present you another solution that we started to use in our company. This is a tool for automatically building ARROW CHARTS! After spending some time searching for ideas or similar tools in the Internet we found nothing that would perfectly fit our needs, thus, we created our own solution. […]

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