Dropdown by key or Dropdown by index, that is the question of a WDA developer

Introduction During my experience as a Web Dynpro for ABAP developer, I often had  the doubt if it was better to use the UI element DropDownByKey or its brother DropDownByIndex. In these last days, I realized that I always prefer and use the DropDownByKey, it doesn’t matter if the list is inside a table, an ALV table or a simple element in a view. Clearly the index approach […]

SALV Generator – The easy way to customize ALV for WebDynpro ABAP

One of the most complicated activities for WebDynpro ABAP newbie and one of the most boring activities for expert developer is the customization of ALV. Activities are really simple if you know Abap OO but very repetitive, you have always to code pretty the same piece of code. So here is the SALV Generator, the first […]

ALV Generator v0.87

Released the new version of my ALV Generator. What’s new: Added the possibility to use a custom dictionary structure It’s possible to choose to generate an ALV with a screen dynnr or without You can display all the columns without adding in the ALV Generator Prettier generated code http://www.plinky.it/abap/alvGenerator.php

Alv Generator v0.85

I added the possibility to sort the columns and changed the ABAP Class used to generate the ALV, now I use CL_GUI_ALV_GRID instead of CL_SALV_TABLE. No screen have to be created now; few clicks and copy & paste!!! http://www.plinky.it/abap/alvGenerator.php Technical info: Javascript have to be enabled Tested on Windows XP Home Edition with Firefox […]

Alv Generator v0.8 released!

After few weeks from the first alpha version, I’m proud to announce a new release of my ALV Generator. I hope that the new graphic and friendly wizard could help everyone to make a great ALV in a few clicks. I’m working on the next versions, I have more ideas in my mind (column sorting, […]

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