Techedge Time and Expenses report use instructions

Hi all,

here you can find a set of instructions on how to use the Time and Expenses Excel reports.

The Time Excel report can be found here:

The Expenses Excel report can be found here:

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Minor updates of TECHEDGE Time and Expense Excel reports

Hi all,

today I made some minor updates to TECHEDGE Time and Expense Excel reports. Basically, Ivan found out that from our Techedge office the timereport on the URL .it does not work. So, I just inserted a timeout of 30 seconds. Therefore, if you run a function of loading data on the web or updating the projects list, after 30 seconds it will throw an error if the ie is still busy.

So, now thanks to Ivan we eliminated one more bug. πŸ™‚

These Excel reports are available at: and


Enjoy! πŸ™‚

You might also want to see the previous post about the updates:

Best wishes,

Valera πŸ™‚

Update of TECHEDGE Time and Expense Excel reports

Hi everybody,

today I’ve updated the time and expense Excel and reports for filling in the online reports automatically. Even though they are still in Beta version you can freely use them as I do for already a year. πŸ™‚

The primary modifications are:

  • when opening any of these reports you will find a Techedge menu under which there will appear Time report or Expenses report submenus
  • Slightly improved error management (better don’t do any errors in filling in your reports, don’t forget fields, don’t put text in numeri fields; but if you do at least the application will not crush and you will probably be able to continue your work with it)

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BOM – Bill Of Materials


today we would like to tell you about our new solution that we created to provide you with a simple and available instrument to calculate the production cost of your products.

Quite often working with small β€œfactories” we faced the situation when the factory owners could not tell us the exact production cost per unit for the goods they produced. It was a pity situation since the pricing policy is totally distorted in this case. And in addition the management had no idea about the rate of use of the resources, about inefficiencies, about additional opportunities etc.
Therefore, we created this very simple, intuitive, and powerful tool to manage the hierarchy of products – the Bill Of Materials.
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Permeability analysis – Excel application


Today we would like to introduce you one of our projects that we did for Politecnic University of Insubria. This is an Excel application that helps calculating the permeability of soils.

“Why in Excel?” you might ask. Excel is a powerful and flexible framework to create applications with dynamic interfaces. In this project we needed to implement the tool to manage different points that took measures of different parameters of soils. Their particular feature is that each point is characterised by a variable number of discontinuity families. Therefore, one point had to expose an interface to input data in 3 families, the other one – in 15 families, yet another one – in 35 families etc.
At first we were requested to develop a stand-alone application. However, after having thought carefully of the problem we offered to develop the application in Excel.

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