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BOM – Bill Of Materials


today we would like to tell you about our new solution that we created to provide you with a simple and available instrument to calculate the production cost of your products.

Quite often working with small “factories” we faced the situation when the factory owners could not tell us the exact production cost per unit for the goods they produced. It was a pity situation since the pricing policy is totally distorted in this case. And in addition the management had no idea about the rate of use of the resources, about inefficiencies, about additional opportunities etc.
Therefore, we created this very simple, intuitive, and powerful tool to manage the hierarchy of products – the Bill Of Materials.
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BOM (Bill Of Materials) in Excel


today we would like to present our new project for small and medium enterprises – BOM or Bill Of Materials. This is a tool implemented in Excel that laves you all the flexibility of Excel itself and adds some additional funcionality to manage your bill of materials.

Each of your products can be split into its components and primary materials, out of which your product cost and production time derive.

Now that the solution is in Excel you can easily create your BOM hierarchies and calculate precisely the time and the cost for the production of your products. In addition, we also realized the function for fixed cost allocation based on the production time allocation driver.

Find below the demonstration video of the alfa version of the tool:

Feel free to send us your comments, ideas, proposals and suggestions. We are always happy to receive any feedback from you.

Best wishes from YellowRiver,
Valera 🙂