abap2xlsx – Business charts

In July 2010, SAP Mentor Ivan Femia released the first version of the open source project abap2xlsx that allowed ABAP developers to generate professional spreadsheets from scratch with all the advanced features that stand alone Excel editors provide like: style and cell data formats, drawings support, conditional formatting, formulas, and so on. This project has […]

Automate Excel charts building and moving to Power Point presentations

Hi, Today we would like to present you yet another Excel add-in that we created for one our client. This is another implementation of the tool to build and transfer Excel charts into PowerPoint presentations. The tool is quite universal so you could easily adapt yourself to use it. The solution is quite simple and […]

Arrow charts in Excel

Hi, Today we would like to present you another solution that we started to use in our company. This is a tool for automatically building ARROW CHARTS! After spending some time searching for ideas or similar tools in the Internet we found nothing that would perfectly fit our needs, thus, we created our own solution. […]

Excel: Load data from an external data file and create dynamic charts

I would like to present you a project of mine that shows how it’s possible to load data into excel from an external data file and create dynamic charts. Very interesting is the possibility to upload data with a simple browsing window. (only 1 code line) Dim sFileName As Variant sFileName = Application.GetOpenFilename(“Text Files (*.txt), […]

Charts in Excel automatically

Hi, today we will present you one more small solution to simplify your life in working with Excel. This is an Excel add-in that will enable you to build charts based on one selected. Let me explain its use on an example. Assume that you have a huge table of data (say, some 50 000 […]

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