#abap2xlsx is relocating… Welcome to GITHub

It was June 2010 when I published the first release of abap2xlsx. Thanks to this community, the project grew up quickly and acquired a lot of popularity… I always loved open source approach, but in SAP this was not so easy to achieve. ABAP is a proprietary language and it had always some limitation in code […]

Here again abap2gapps on SAP SDN and SAP Code Exchange Home page

Project abap2gapps, that allows you to connect your ABAP system to Google Cloud services has been selected for the SAP SDN and SAP Code Exchange Home Page this month. Congratulation also to my colleagues Alessandro Iannacci and Giacomo Morittu for their contribution. On SDN On Code Exchange

abap2xlsx team has a present for you…

Yes, finally we reached the next level! abap2xlsx is close to its first birthday and we are celebrating our 100th member on the project. On Friday May 13th, 2011 (it is not a bad day) we reached the goal of 100th members and we would like to have fun publishing the new stable release of […]

xlsx2abap – Read and edit your Excel files from ABAP

Just two months ago I presented to SDN Community my open source project abap2xlsx. With this blog I would like to announce you the release of xlsx2abap and abap2xlsx v2.0. I’m very happy of the Community reaction to this project that gives me the power to quickly go on and extend my abap2xlsx and create […]

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