Gantt chart converter to PowerPoint

This is an MS Project file that contains the necessary macro to transfer the Gantt chart into a PowerPoint presentation.
As for the time being it is not in the format of a COM add-in since I had no Visual Studio¬†2008 installed on my computer and Visual Studio 2005 does not support add-ins for MS Project yet. With VS2008 it will be possible and as soon as I get it I will convert the VBA code into a “normal” add-in.Now if you have a project designed in MS Project and you need to make a presentation of it (as I did) you can simply copy project tasks into the present file and click the CHOOSE LEVELS TO TRANSFER button on the Transfer2PPoint custom toolbar to choose the task levels to include.
The topmost task is currently excluded from the visualization.

This is a video presentation of the work of the macro:

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