Google’s April fools day jokes

This year Google did give us only a joke on April fools day, but every team tried to enjoy us, let’s try to resume them all: Google Maps a 8-bit Have you ever imagined Google Maps in 8 bit mode that can run also on one of the most popular home console Nintendo SNES? Google did it […]

abap2gapps: is your ABAP ready for the Google cloud?

Ladies and Gentleman did you ever thought to use you old ABAP system to use modern cloud services? Last year SAP Mentor Uwe Fetzer (@se38) published his Twibap, a simple Twitter API to use in order to read and post Tweets on Twitter, today I will present you abap2gapps an API prototype in order to interact basically with […]

Still looking for a Google+ invite?

Follow me on twitter and send me a tweet: “@ivanfemia please send me a #googleplus invite” I will try to do my best

Apple’s castle is under siege, Android is close to the walls

Original posting During the past months I have been following the debate between Android and Apple fans. Each side considers its own device a better performer than the other, but what is the reality?

How Google works

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