abap2xlsx – Business charts

In July 2010, SAP Mentor Ivan Femia released the first version of the open source project abap2xlsx that allowed ABAP developers to generate professional spreadsheets from scratch with all the advanced features that stand alone Excel editors provide like: style and cell data formats, drawings support, conditional formatting, formulas, and so on. This project has […]

Virtualising Lion OS X and Xcode4 on Windows 7

This blog resumes my experience in virtualising Lion OS X and Xcode4 on Windows 7 64bit. I would say that I easily achieved this objective following with this guide. My concerns were basically on performance; I configured my virtual machine as 2 double core processors with 2 GB of RAM and I was happy about them […]

Feelz – iPhone App by Locojet

Another iPhone application is published by Locojet – Feelz. Feelz is a FACEBOOK based application which simplifies your “communication” with friends! No more writing, just tap our Feelz cat to transform your anger, love, sympathy, tenderness into cat’s reactions. What can be sweeter than a purring cat appearing on the screen of your girlfriend? Flatter […]

The “i” word

I just received this message from a friend… Very funny It all began with an iPhone… March was when my son celebrated his 15th birthday, and I got him an iPhone. He just loved it. Who wouldn’t?

Apple’s castle is under siege, Android is close to the walls

Original posting http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/weblogs?blog=/pub/wlg/23834 During the past months I have been following the debate between Android and Apple fans. Each side considers its own device a better performer than the other, but what is the reality?

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