Computer World Italia – I’m in home page!!!!!

Today I’m in the home page of CWI. This is another great acknowledgment!

Not only on the SDN ABAP Home page… Now on SDN Home page

Yes now on SDN Home page. Read my blog on SDN apab2xlsx – Generate Your Professional Excel Spreadsheet from ABAP; discussions and suggestions are really appreciated.

Me on the SDN Abap Home Page! Yes, it’s real

Today I was notified that my recent blog apab2xlsx – Generate Your Professional Excel Spreadsheet from ABAP is on the SDN home page. I’m really proud about that and I so excited. I wanna thank all my Techedge colleagues and especially Sergio Ferrari, Andrea Olivieri, Luca Grilli and Fabio Di Micco.

Plinky on Twitter

Now we are also on Twitter. You can follow easy our news in real time. Add us right now

PPEasyMVC – Plinky Easy MVC

Today I published the first release of PPEasyMVC an easy and quick framwork for PHP5. Project is still in developing in order to create a solid and easy framework for PHP5. Source code and documentation available on google code: See u Ivan

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