35-03 MiracleBlade – A.C. ROSOLINI 1-5

MiracleBlade Team interrupt his positive series of match, today there was nothing to do with the best team of our series, A.C. ROSOLINI.

Mister ChefTony tried to obtain a draw using a 5-3-2 but the disqualifications of Severino Formica and Frédéric Hinfray he had to do his best.

MiracleBlade scored rapidly and lose a lot of shoots. Time after time the fatigue increased for MiracleBlade’s players, due the low form status, and A.C. ROSOLINI won the match. Nothing is lost this season, we have a great team.

MiracleBlade - A.C. ROSOLINI

Player Vote
V. Ješić 5
D. Houssain 5
A. Ekrem 5
C. Mercader 4
G. Keser 4
S. Padovani 5
E. Padula 6
M. Montilla goal 6.5
G. Antolak 5.5
I. Balsamo 5
S. Selçuk 6.5 goal
Mister Vote
ChefTony 6

35-02 FCArzano – MiracleBlade 0-6

First victory in IX Division. Today MiracleBlade had played a great match even if the referee tried to make this match harder. MiracleBlade played most of the match in 9 player due 2 very strange red cards.

FCArzano - MiracleBlade

Player Vote
V. Ješić 6
F. Hinfray 4 yellow cardred card
A. Ekrem 6
C. Mercader 6.5
E. Padula 7
U. Simmons 7 goalgoal
J. Vernier 6
M. Montilla 6.5
S. Formica 5.5 red card
I. Balsamo goal 9 goalgoalgoal
S. Selçuk 6.5 goal
Mister Vote
ChefTony 7

35-01 MiracleBlade – Salernitana Spa 3-3

Today MiracleBlade debuted in IX division. We would hope in a victory in order to enjoy our fans. Mister ChefTony tried to limit Salernitana attacks in the middle, despite a great match conducted by our team, we had to draw.

Next week we will try to obtain our first victory in IX division. In the meantime today the club approved the creation of new 3.000 seats in Mega Stadium, new vip area and more seats under roof.

MiracleBlade – salernitana spa

Player Vote
P. Donhauser 4.5
G. Keser 5.5
A. Ekrem 6
C. Mercader 6
E. Padula 6.5
U. Simmons 6
J. Vernier 6
M. Montilla 6.5 goal
S. Formica goal 7
I. Balsamo 7 goalgoal
S. Selçuk 6.5
Mister Vote
ChefTony 6.5

MiracleBlade promoted in IX Division

My hattrick’s team is now officially in IX  Division.

Currently we have 21 consecutive victories and we want to continue in this way also next season.

Go MiracleBlade…


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