Plinky has a new layout

Plinky renewed its layout, after 2 years I decided to change the style of my blog. This new theme based on Mystique free theme gives more colors and it is more flexible for any kind of configuration. Do you like this one?

Plinky Wired is here!

A week ago I created a new blog “Wired”. What is Wired? Wired is a syndication blog that collects news all over the internet. C’mon follow Wired by web @ by twitter @ by feed @

Plinky banners available

Now you can add a Plinky banner in your blog , personal home page or wherever you want. Below two examples and relative image urls. White Black

Plinky supports OpenID

Now you can connect to our blog using your OpenID (, also SAP is an OpenID provider check this blog for further information OpenID comes to SAP. Demand an OpenID right now Enjoy

New record

I would like to thank everyone for the result of this month (June), my blog had more than one thousand of unique visitors. It’s incredible. Visitors 1,124 Pageviews 3,749 I hope that we can grow up more and more… Bye Ivan

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