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Automate Excel charts building and moving to Power Point presentations


Today we would like to present you yet another Excel add-in that we created for one our client. This is another implementation of the tool to build and transfer Excel charts into PowerPoint presentations.

The tool is quite universal so you could easily adapt yourself to use it.
The solution is quite simple and it uses at maximum the natural capabilities of Excel.

So, imagine you have a huge set of data which you have to analyse somehow, create charts on separate subsets of data and transfer them into PowerPoint presentations to then submit them to your clients. With this add-in you are actually supposed to have
– a table with data
– an area where you can insert row numbers
– an area that is filled dynamically with data by means of formulas and that takes a row number as an input
– sheet charts that have as data source the before mentioned area

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Slide progress bar

Power Point slide progress bar
today we would like to present you an old solution – a Power Point add-in for building slide progress bars automatically.

Very often working with PowerPoint presentations we face the necessity to put a horizontal static line on each slide to separate the title from the slide content.

From now you will have the possibility to make this bar dynamic. The PowerPoint slide progress bar not only separates the slide title from the slide content, but also gives a graphical representation of the current slide’s position in the presentation. This function is especially useful for long presentations with small or no slide numbers. Despite that, the slide progress bar is quite a fancy feature that can be added to your presentations.

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