Slide progress bar

Power Point slide progress bar
today we would like to present you an old solution – a Power Point add-in for building slide progress bars automatically.

Very often working with PowerPoint presentations we face the necessity to put a horizontal static line on each slide to separate the title from the slide content.

From now you will have the possibility to make this bar dynamic. The PowerPoint slide progress bar not only separates the slide title from the slide content, but also gives a graphical representation of the current slide’s position in the presentation. This function is especially useful for long presentations with small or no slide numbers. Despite that, the slide progress bar is quite a fancy feature that can be added to your presentations.

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Transfer Excel charts to Power Point presentations

So here is an add-in for MS Excel that enables automatic transfer of Excel charts into PowerPoint presentations based on the selected presentation template.

The main features of the add-in are:
– compatibility with Office 2003 and Office 2007 (in fact, there are 2 add-ins that function virtually in the same way);
– high flexibility in customization of PPoint presentation templates (you put rectangular shapes in the place where you want to see the respective chart from Excel and insert the number of the chart to be associated with);
– the ZOrder position of the rectangular shape will be assigned to the inserted chart shape;
– high general flexibility of the system (it allows transferring any charts from any Excel workbook to any presentation with rectangular shapes indicating the position of the charts to insert);
– charts on all the worksheets are transferred, not only on the active worksheet

Charts are inserted via a new blank workbook which means that only relevant data will be transferred to PowerPoint. This is especially necessary for Office 2003 since the inserted chart brings with it the whole Excel workbook which sometimes may be huge enough.

For Office 2007 this problem is irrelevant since Office 2007 does not allow embedding Excel charts with source data (it creates a link to the source data) into PowerPoint presentation.

The add-in was designed and rendered public by YellowRiver ( You can find more in OUR PROJECTS chapter of the YellowRiver web-site.

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