abap2xlsx – Business charts

In July 2010, SAP Mentor Ivan Femia released the first version of the open source project abap2xlsx that allowed ABAP developers to generate professional spreadsheets from scratch with all the advanced features that stand alone Excel editors provide like: style and cell data formats, drawings support, conditional formatting, formulas, and so on.

This project has improved the user experience compared to excel generated using SAP standard components (such as ABAP ALV, WebDynpro ALV, System menu, etc.) and it has made ABAP developers more freedom adding, for example, the ability to generate an excel from non dialog processes and to include the generated excel as email attachment. At last but not least, this framework allows the use of spreadsheets in an interactive way, making possible to read them via ABAP for further processing.

Time after time, more and more SDN community members joined into the project and improved its functionalities. The abap2xlsx project reaches a large number of contributors, so today it is almost time for the new release that will include many new features such as the use of template files for charts, very hidden sheet, many bug fixes and so on. In this blog we will focus on one of the most important news: the ability to create custom charts from scratch!


Yes, that’s right: with just a few simple ABAP code lines, you can create business graphics within the excel file and send it, for example, to many iPhone/iPad via a push notification or via an html email (as weekly summary for example).


3.jpg          4.jpg

Another interesting way to use abapxlsx charts is to generate them using abap and then catch them as an image in order to show the chart in a WebDynpro or to send it directly to a mobile device! You believe that this is not possible? It is not easy, but you can do it following these steps:

  1.      Generate the excel file with the chart as you wish via ABAP using abap2xlsx
  2.      Add a simple macro to the excel via ABAP using abap2xlsx in order to enable the excel to export the chart in an image file like this:
  3.      Write a simple vbs file via ABAP in order to run the image generation like this:
  4.      Save the excel file and the vbs on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server filesystem via ABAP 
    * Opening the File
           MESSAGE lv_msgtxt.
          WRITE: ‘File cannot be opened. Reason:’, lv_msgtxt.
    ENDIF.* Transferring Data
    LOOP AT lt_table.
          TRANSFER lt_table-line TO FILENAME.
    ENDLOOP.* Closing the File
    CLOSE DATASET lv_filename.
  5.      Run the saved VBScript file via ABAP

    v_command = ‘cscript.exe test.vbs’.



  6.      The chart image has been generated! Get it from the Application Server filesystem via ABAP and display or send it!    

abap2xlsx – half thousand of members and more…

In July 2010, I released the first version of the open source project abap2xlsx and it gets an incredible success from SDN members.

Today I would like to celebrate the overcoming of 500 members in SAP Code Exchange, thanks to Amarpreet Singh for being the 500th.

Time after time, more and more SDN community members joined into the project and improved its functionalities. There are a lot of great developers in SDN and as I always believed if some of them can join together can do incredible things.

I would like to give you some numbers:

  • more than 5000 donwloads in 2 year (without considering daily build)
  • more than 500 members
  • more than 250 workbench object
  • most popular project for 2 years in a row in Code Exchange

This is really incredible, it can be now considered as a real add-on for you SAP system and it would not possible without SAP Code Exchange contributors!

I would like you to know some of them and give them the deserved compliments.

What is planned in next releases?

  • Consolidate the code
  • Bugs fixing
  • Add unit tests in all the classes
  • Use Code Exchange /CEX/ namespace

So now, what are you waiting for? Join abap2xlsx project

Even if you are a young ABAPer you can join us, you have the possibility to learn ABAP-OO, Unit Tests, SAPLink and why not ABAP in Eclipse.

abap2gapps: is your ABAP ready for the Google cloud?

Ladies and Gentleman did you ever thought to use you old ABAP system to use modern cloud services?

Last year SAP Mentor Uwe Fetzer (@se38) published his Twibap, a simple Twitter API to use in order to read and post Tweets on Twitter, today I will present you abap2gapps an API prototype in order to interact basically with all Google services that use new OAuth2 authentication.


abap2gapps uses API provided by another Code Exchange project, that we release today, OAuth2.

Wait a moment, what is OAuth2?

You can’t answer the question; you should read this blog OAuth2: Next generation authentication API

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abap2xlsx team has a present for you…

Yes, finally we reached the next level!

abap2xlsx is close to its first birthday and we are celebrating our 100th member on the project.

On Friday May 13th, 2011 (it is not a bad day) we reached the goal of 100th members and we would like to have fun publishing the new stable release of abap2xlsx: Release 4.0.

What is new on this release?

  • Manage all type of data validation
  • Worksheet gridlines on/off
  • Add images from MIME repository
  • Add support to other coloring options
  • Add support to hidden sheets
  • Add support to sheet hide zeros property
  • Reader reads styles
  • Diagonal border
  • Demo reports collection improvements
  • Many code improvements
  • Bug fixing

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xlsx2abap – Read and edit your Excel files from ABAP

Just two months ago I presented to SDN Community my open source project abap2xlsx. With this blog I would like to announce you the release of xlsx2abap and abap2xlsx v2.0.

I’m very happy of the Community reaction to this project that gives me the power to quickly go on and extend my abap2xlsx and create the new xlsx2abap.

This cannot be real without the active contribution of some SDN community members: Gregor Wolf, Tomek Mackowski and Alvaro Tejada Galindo. Thank you guys!

So coming to the project what’s new?

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