How many lines of custom ABAP code are inside your system? Part2

Intro This is the continuation of the previous blog How many lines of custom ABAP code are inside your system? published at the beginning of 2009 by Sergio Ferrari, my colleague and SAP Mentor. The SLOC, the number of line of ABAP code of custom objects, is one of the most interesting indicators provided during […]

Invoke SAP web services with flex using Cairngorm framework

In this weblog I would like to give you a tutorial in order to invoke SAP web services with Flex using Cairngorm framework. Index 1. What is Cairngorm? 2. How Cairngorm works? 3. Flow logic during a request/response 4. What you need? 5. Ok let’s start 5.1. Create a web service in SAP 5.2. Create […]

Create a web service with ECC 6.0

Hi, in this video I would like to show you how is possible to create a WebService in ECC 6.0 and identify the correct WSDL. I apologize for the audio but my mic is out of order; but I’m confident that video is very simple to understand. Bye, Ivan

Simple ABAP Clone Hunter

In this period I’m involved in many upgrade projects and one of the biggest effort is to adjust ABAP copied from SAPstandard ones that I call CLONEs. In my experience pure custom ABAPs require few adaptations (obsolete statements, obsolete function modules and so on),modifications are also well managed by modification assistant but rearranging clones is […]

SAP obsolete functions (1) – POPUP_TO_CONFIRM

When you upgrade your SAP system some functions became obsolete. (List of Obsolete Function Modules in ECC 6.0) In this first part I would like to analyze one of the most used function module in SAP: POPUP_TO_CONFIRM This is its signature with all the possible parameters: CALL FUNCTION ‘POPUP_TO_CONFIRM’ EXPORTING *   TITLEBAR                    = ‘ ‘ […]

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