This is why I like openUI5!

Last week at SAP TechEd Bangalore, SAP made a great step forward for the embracement of the Open Source development: OPENUI5 was released; Andreas Kunz wrote a very detailed blog What is OpenUI5 / SAPUI5 ? some days ago.

So I decided to use these libraries in order to create an application that could show the power of OPENUI5 as an Open Source framework for enterprise-ready web applications. In my case I decided to create a very simple Phone Book that consumes data form a Google Drive Form.

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Being an SAP developer nowadays

Over the past few years we have experienced an innovation era in SAP. Mobile, Cloud and In-Memory are now the three foundations of enterprise computing and they are bringing a new life into the possibility to enrich and improve enterprise business.

Most of the people are talking about this innovation as a great step forward for the transformation of the “old style” SAP to a new one close to the current need of performing business quicker, anywhere and anytime, and they encourage customers to move into the innovation.

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InnoJam Madrid 2011: and the winner is carbonTNT


Hi guys, in this blog I will report my review of the InnoJam Madrid that took place on Saturday 6th November and ended a day after (30 hours of coding later) with the victory of my team carbonTNT.

Don’t you know what InnoJam is about? I will not explain here but I suggest you to watch this video by Rui Nogueira

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Dropdown by key or Dropdown by index, that is the question of a WDA developer


During my experience as a Web Dynpro for ABAP developer, I often had  the doubt if it was better to use the UI element DropDownByKey or its brother DropDownByIndex.

In these last days, I realized that I always prefer and use the DropDownByKey, it doesn’t matter if the list is inside a table, an ALV table or a simple element in a view.

Clearly the index approach is also working well but I feel it as a more complex task that requires spending more time, and I’m wondering to know about your experience.

As a reference, I’m sharing below the step-by-step guide to build a DDL even without necessarily entering the fixed values ​​associated to a domain of the field.

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SAP Inside Track Milan 2011 – The reporting


SAP Inside track ended and it was a great event. When I look back and I think on that day I can have only good memories: great people, interesting sessions, passion and enthusiasm to share and exchange experiences all together.


photo by Giacomo Morittu

As expected, such kind of events is a great opportunity for SAP professionals to meet together in an informal atmosphere; and also is a unique possibility for most of the participants to meet in person many of valuable SCN members and contributors, that usually are known virtually.

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