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OAuth2: Next generation authentication API

OAuth2 is the new Code Exchange project that allows you to authenticate on a web based service provider like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Foursquare using the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

OAuth 2.0 is the next evolution of the OAuth protocol and is not backward compatible with OAuth 1.0. OAuth 2.0 focuses on client developer simplicity while providing specific authorization flows for web applications, desktop applications, mobile phones, and living room devices. (Wikipedia)

Most of popular on line services like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are already providing access to their cloud using this protocol.

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Acknowledgment of Achievement | SCN Active Contributor

I’m so proud, my SCN acknowledgment for 2010; and now let’s go for the gold one!


SDN Silver 2010

Ten golden rules that help me every day

In this short blog I would give you some tips and tricks that could make your SAP life easier and, even more, generate a money saving.

  1. Good programmers write good code, but great programmers reuse the good programmers’ code! Do not create something that is already done, try to find a standard function already created by SAP or try to understand what the standard do in order to optimize your development.
  2. Perform always the extended check (SLIN), this makes your development conform to SAP standards line guides and simplify code adjustments (e.g. after a system upgrade).
  3. Try to follow a well defined naming convention, this SDN blog could be a good start example Nomen est Omen – ABAP Naming Conventions.
  4. Monitor your reports with standard tools in order to optimize your code and find bottle necks (e.g. ST05 and SE30).
  5. Have a problem in a standard report, check SAP OSS your issue probably is already solved by SAP.
  6. Avoid standard modification take a look to the new Enhancement Framework.
  7. Even if you are or not an expert take part to the SCN community: forum, blog and wiki; you will learn something new.
  8. SAP is not only ABAP, there are a lot of technologies related: Web Dynpro, Java, RIA and so on, find the right one for your project. All of them have its pros and cons.
  9. Consider web services and ABAP proxy as system integrator, base your developments onto these powerful technologies, instead of out of date flat files and other stuffs.
  10. Finally share your knowledge on SCN, all of us are ready to learn.

Any suggestion is always appreciated 😛

I wanna thank Andrea Olivieri for his support.