From Assembla to GITHub – Phase 1: Migrate your SVN repository to GIT

I recently migrated my Assembla abap2xlsx to GITHub ( #abap2xlsx is relocating… Welcome to GITHub ) and I would like to share a quick “how to” just in case you want to migrate also your SVN repository to a GIT repository maintaining all the history. Prerequisite GIT installed on your machine, if you’re using GITHub you can […]

Robocopy: Robust File Copy

Today I was trying to use xcopy in order to perform a copy of a directory tree excluding some files and folders, in particular directories named .svn (svn directory); after some test with copy and xcopy, I found a new command line on Windows Vista: Robocopy. This tool is part of the Windows Resource Kit that is […]

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