Still looking for a Google+ invite?

Follow me on twitter and send me a tweet: “@ivanfemia please send me a #googleplus invite” I will try to do my best

Can you hide the people you are following on Twitter?

Today I had this doubt: “Can you hide the people you are following on Twitter?”. Why you should need this? Today I noticed that a no-follower is reading my Tweets and my curiosity was stimulated. How can he do it? In Twitter settings there is no option for that. The solution is really simple using […]

An finally the #NewTwitter

Just few minutes ago I was notified that I was able to switch into the the new Twitter. Below a first screen shot. I will try to write a blog that resumes the new features in the next days.  

Plinky on Twitter

Now we are also on Twitter. You can follow easy our news in real time. Add us right now

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