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HTC Hero & Android 2.1 Eclair… Is it just a dream?

Android Eclair ReleaseSome days ago HTC apologised for the delay of the development of the new Android 2.1 firmware with HTC Sense for Hero, last official news is that HTC will release the new official firmware on June.

What I would like to say to all HTC users is to root anyway your Hero and install a custom ROM, they are now pretty stable and fully working; if you are not confortable with Eclair you can install Modaco cutom ROM based on HTC 1.5 that is faster than the official one.

Currently, absolutely IMHO, the best Eclair custom ROM is VillainRom, I changed many ROMs in the last few month, without any significant data loss or problem.

You can download latest version at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=654030.

If you have no rooted HTC Hero before, follow my two blogs in order to root and update the recovery manager:

Happy Android everyone!!!!!

HTC Hero Android 2.1 official update on March?

Eclair update on HTC Hero

New rumours on HTC Hero Android 2.1 Update; march could be the official month.

On Meteor forum (an Irish mobile operator) an Administrator said on 19th January:

“We’ve been in contact with HTC and they have said that version 2.0 will be available in and around March of this year. HTC sense UI will be tightly integrated with Android 2.0, as with other versions of the software. Because of this new versions of the software take a while to develop. As for 2.1 this would also need to be developed and there is no update on this.”

Right now I’m really disappointed with HTC, they don’t give any official communicate and the release date seems to be a mirage; custom Eclair ROMs have a great stability and velocity and no Sense UI is really usable.

Source: Meteor Forum

Android 2.1 for HTC Hero will be released in February

AndroidAs reported by android.com.pl seems that HT planned to push out the new HTC Hero 2.1 on February 15th

“Just as the topic is clear, has always been neglected by the owners of Hero HTC finally get an update. Why so late? Because it will not be updated for the Android 2.0 but straight to 2.1. Between 15 and 17 February, the update will be available for HTC Hero – this update is only for European Markets. We only know that for sure be delayed.
Information is sourced directly from HTC Poland, and therefore should be checked.”

Could be this the G-Day for Hero owners? I didn’t update right now with a cooked ROM because I didn’t find the right one… HTC c’mon…

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