Techedge EXPENSES report in Excel

Hi guys,

here you can download the first version of Techedge Expenses report in Excel tool that allows filling in our internal Techedge expenses report from Excel.

Here you can find the related post on Techedge Time report:

I didn’t record a video presentation on the tool since the interface is farely similar to the Techedge Time report. So, those who use it will not find any problems.

There are a couple of interesting features in the report:

  • there is a days number factor (check the Settings worksheet). This factor specifies how many times each day is replicated within one month. The default is 2 which means that each day is present 2 times in the month (week-ends are always writen once).
  • the filter is maintained. If you select not to show the week-ends (saturday and sunday) then after generating the new calendar for the new month the filter will be maintained.

Feel free to download it:

And contact me (or comment here) for any discovered issures, suggestions etc. 🙂

All the best wishes,

Valera 🙂

Techedge timereport in Excel II

Hi guys,

here you can download a new version of Techedge Timereport in Excel tool that allows filling in our internal Techedge time report from Excel.

Here you can find the original post:

with the original video:

The added feature (as requested) is the automatic insert of holidays for all the week-ends. 🙂

As soon as I’ve some spare time I finish and publish the next version with the form for entering EXPENSES! 🙂

By the way, if you like to add 2 or more entries per day in the time report it’s enough to create 2 or more lines per same day in the Excel worksheet. The program will create as many entries in web report as there are lines per day. 🙂

If you want to change the values inserted in the week-ends check the sheet SETTINGS where you find the named cell WeekEndProject and WeekEndType. These values are taken as input for each week-end. 🙂

You can download the tool here:


All the best wishes,

Valera 🙂

MS Access and Web: making them understand each other


This time we would like to make a presentation of a solution in MS Access. From the general point of view, the solution is very common. It provides interfaces and logics for a user to deal with data in a database. However, the trick here is that some data is taken by the application from a web catalogue supported by the user.

This is how it is done:

With this presentation, we wanted to underline the ease with which it becomes possible to implement the cooperation between your desktop applications and web. Think of the automation of many processes that you might experience: tracking site changes, retrieving web content, getting data from your web site and using it in your applications and many more.
Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions and ideas about this topic.

This time, unlike usually, we could not publish the solution. So, this video remains a pure demonstration.
However, you might still want to visit our web site
where in the category OUR PROJECTS
you will find other projects, solutions, ideas and concepts. 🙂

Techedge timesheet with Excel

Hi guys,

I finally want to publish the tool that I use to fill in my timesheet web report. Maybe it will be useful for someone else from Techedge or KPedge if there are people who dislike spending time doing repetitive click-wait-copy-paste-click activity in their browser. Things are much easier and faster if done in Excel. 🙂

Below you can see a brief video presentation of how it actually works.

It is already a tradition that you can freely download the application from our web-site
which is actually located in the category OUR PROJECTS
where you will find other projects, solutions, ideas and concepts. 🙂