Activities report in Infopath (Update)

Hi guys,

I have updated the activities report and corrected a minor (or not such a minor) bug.

Previously the report used to submit numbers with dot as decimal separator. However, the web time report accepts comma as decimal separator. So, make sure you sent in previous uploads numbers decimals and not hundreds.

Ivan suggested that I added the functionality to fill in the selected rows with some same data. This is handy if you worked the whole month on just one project. Now, you do not have to fill in each single row of data with the same project name. You just select the rows, find the project combo box in the table under the rows section and choose the project. All the selected rows will obtain the value of the selected project.

To know more about the application and to download it  follow this link:

Feel free to contact me in case of troubles, difficulties or found bugs. 🙂

Activities report in Infopath


Activities report manager is an Infopath solution which automates the work with the Techedge web time report. It is dedicated to my colleagues who work in Techedge.

This project was experimental. I wanted to discover deeper the functionalities of Infopath and the opportunities for creating automation applications.

The project could have been published a couple of weeks earlier, however, in the phase of final testing I discovered that it posted data on the web time report disregarding the month’s state. This means that basically it could submit data to the web time report for any period of any year. So, it took me some time to implement additional conditions to make the submitting of data available only for the open months.

How this works

Check the presentation video to see it in action:

For working with the application you need Infopath 2007 and  .NET framework 2.0 installed. After the installation you will find an .XSN file which is an Infopath template. Based on it you can create new documents with your data (xml file).


If you liked the tool and wish to download it feel free to do it. We provide it free of charge. Use and enjoy!


PACMAN in Excel’2007

Hi all,

I’ve finally finished the testing phase of the great old well-known game Pacman which I created in Excel’2007! Admire once again the huge potential and power Excel (and basically the whole MS Office Suite) has!

Check the video presentation to understand what it really is. 🙂

If you want to download it you might want to read the description page on my web-site: where you can find screenshots, installation recommendations etc.

To download the game just use this link:

And feel free to let me know about problems you encounter, suggestions, ideas and advice.

Transfer Excel charts to Power Point presentations

So here is an add-in for MS Excel that enables automatic transfer of Excel charts into PowerPoint presentations based on the selected presentation template.

The main features of the add-in are:
– compatibility with Office 2003 and Office 2007 (in fact, there are 2 add-ins that function virtually in the same way);
– high flexibility in customization of PPoint presentation templates (you put rectangular shapes in the place where you want to see the respective chart from Excel and insert the number of the chart to be associated with);
– the ZOrder position of the rectangular shape will be assigned to the inserted chart shape;
– high general flexibility of the system (it allows transferring any charts from any Excel workbook to any presentation with rectangular shapes indicating the position of the charts to insert);
– charts on all the worksheets are transferred, not only on the active worksheet

Charts are inserted via a new blank workbook which means that only relevant data will be transferred to PowerPoint. This is especially necessary for Office 2003 since the inserted chart brings with it the whole Excel workbook which sometimes may be huge enough.

For Office 2007 this problem is irrelevant since Office 2007 does not allow embedding Excel charts with source data (it creates a link to the source data) into PowerPoint presentation.

The add-in was designed and rendered public by YellowRiver ( You can find more in OUR PROJECTS chapter of the YellowRiver web-site.

Leave your comments on Plinky blog and on YellowRiver blog (

All the suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated.

Gantt chart converter to PowerPoint

This is an MS Project file that contains the necessary macro to transfer the Gantt chart into a PowerPoint presentation.
As for the time being it is not in the format of a COM add-in since I had no Visual Studio 2008 installed on my computer and Visual Studio 2005 does not support add-ins for MS Project yet. With VS2008 it will be possible and as soon as I get it I will convert the VBA code into a “normal” add-in.Now if you have a project designed in MS Project and you need to make a presentation of it (as I did) you can simply copy project tasks into the present file and click the CHOOSE LEVELS TO TRANSFER button on the Transfer2PPoint custom toolbar to choose the task levels to include.
The topmost task is currently excluded from the visualization.

This is a video presentation of the work of the macro:

More solutions, information and contacts on ( – a PROJECTS section).

Special thanks to Ivan for offering his blog space.

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